Benefits Of Property Online Auction With Auction House North East

Part of Auction House UK Ltd, Auction House North East offer property and land auctions throughout Newcastle, Sunderland and Cumbria. Auction House North East’s main aim is to provide a network both locally and nationally to independent auctioneers who wish to buy or sell property and land. As well as traditional auctions, property auctions Lake District offer online auctions. This article will highlight the benefits from a seller and a buyer perspective when choosing this method.

Selling by Online Auction

The speed at which you can sell property or land is very efficient. With online auctions there is usually a fixed time period around 21 days, after this period the highest bidder has the option to buy. Once selected there is a period of 28 days to exchange contracts for house auctions in Newcastle.

There is more chance of your property being available to buyers nationally as well as locally. Your property is listed across various property portals and on the main website. Further to this the property is promoted to a targeted database.

Open house viewings can be arranged. Instead of working your time around potential buyers over a period of time, the expert team at property auction Lake District arrange and host a day for your property to be open to buyers. The team offer their knowledge and answer any queries the buyers may have regarding your home.

Buying by Online Auction

If you are lucky enough to win the bidding war on some of the luxury properties offered across the Auction House sites, no other bidder will be able to make an offer during your ‘Option to Buy’ period. However, if the seller was to change their mind about auctioning their home during this period, you would receive your full deposit back.

With online auctions, there are a range of properties to browse and bid against such as, residential flats, bungalows and homes. The properties will usually be of conventional construction and may be vacant, tenanted or owner occupied. The online auction offers property auctions in North West and to other areas such as the South East and further North.

There are no hidden surprises with an online auction with Auction House North East, all of the terms, conditions and costs are set out clearly prior to your purchase. All bidders have a fair chance of becoming the top bidder, as you access the online auction via the bidding system.

For more information regarding online property auctions Bishop Auckland with Auction House, visit today. The team are available to answer any queries you may have regarding online or traditional auctions in the North East.

Jones & Jones – Luxury Hamper Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas less than five weeks away, now is the time to start ordering your Christmas gifts for loved ones. Why not give something a little different this year like a luxury hamper from Jones & Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Jones & Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed offer a range of bespoke hampers which are perfect if you want to add some luxury into your Christmas gifts this year. The indulgent items included in each specially-made pine hamper are often sourced locally, making the bespoke hampers one of the finest gifts you may give this Christmas.

There are hampers available from Jones & Jones to suit the taste of almost anyone. Beer and crisp lover? The Jones Beer and Crisps Gift Crate is perfect for men (and women) who love to taste beer from local areas. The Acton Ales Northumbrian, brewed in Northumberland, is a Golden Ale which can be enjoyed after Christmas lunch. The hamper gift comes with a couple of bags of 100% Welsh grown potato crisps, which are hand fried in small batches to ensure quality is endured throughout each bag.

Next there’s a gift for the gin lover who likes to stay stylish; the Isle of Skye Tartan Handbag of Treats. This basket is unique to many of the hampers available from Jones & Jones, as the quality Tartan bag is the gift box. Surprises inside the handbag include The Fruit Kitchen’s Blackberry Gin Liqueur which is created in Northumberland, Tipple Tails Coco Bazaar Chocolate Fruit Cake and a bag of chocolate dipped marshmallows from Kiki’s Chocolates.

Not really a beer or gin drinker? The Hot Chocolate Luxury Gift Hamper Crate is an ideal choice for any chocolate lover. The hamper contains a luxury hot chocolate kit from Kiki’s Chocolates of Coldingham, which contains delicious chocolate drops and mini marshmallows. To add further enjoyment to this hamper, the beautiful handmade pine crate contains a bone chine ‘Arts and Crafts’ design mug.

To view the full collection of hampers available from Jones & Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed visit today. As well as Christmas hampers you will find a range of corporate hampers, new home gifts and birthday gift hampers.

Box Express – Fun Things You Can Do With a Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes, one of the simplest yet purposeful items. They allow us to store items, move our items to a new home safely, and send items to loved ones minimising the damage during the postage process. However there are many more fun things you can do with a cardboard box once it has passed its use. If you are looking for a box to get creative with, Box Express offer an extensive range which can be used in a number ways, here are just a few ideas.

Children Toys

Children are usually amused by the simplest of things, so why not turn your cardboard box into a children’s toy. There are countless toys which can be made and replicated for a fraction of the price. For example if you have large cardboard boxes you can turn it into a playhouse or aeroplane, by snipping some of the cardboard and placing windows in; you can also decorate it to your hearts content with arts and crafts. To save the cutting and designing of certain toys, Box Express offer a playhouse and rocket, all you need to do is decorate it. Again if you have a jumbo box you can cut out the joints and lay it out flat on the floor; then you can get creative and turn it into a car road map so your children can play with their toy cars.

Post Box

If you’re looking to go that one step further this year with your Christmas decorations why not create a Christmas card post box. Further to this if you have children, you can post their letters to Santa Clause through the post box. The post box can be a unique item in your home, especially if you’re hosting Christmas, allowing all of your guests to post their cards on arrival and opening them altogether at a set time. Box Express offer a range of storage boxes available in different sizes to suit your post box creation needs.

Cat Home

Give your cat a new home this Christmas and turn your used box into a luxury bed or home. If you want to get creative, you can add additional layers to the home and decorate the insides with cushions and pillows to keep your furry friend warm. There are a range of packing boxes available from Box Express should you need inspiration.

If you want to view the full selection of cardboard boxes available from Box Express to use for many more ways than just moving house packing boxes, visit today!

Kill Line: The Most Common Commercial Pests In The UK

Many people contact pest control services when they have a pest issue in their home, such as a rat infestation. However, it’s common to have pests invade commercial areas such as work offices, bars and restaurants, and warehouses. Pests in commercial areas can be dangerous as they can spread disease to a number of humans, especially if food is involved.

Kill Line offer a range of commercial pest control services across the North East covering areas including Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. Kill Line have worked in the building structure and pest industry for many years, therefore their experience is next to none; providing honest advice to safely remove pests from your building. In this article we will cover some of the most common pests found in commercial environments.


The most common of pests found in commercial areas, hanging around food waste areas and within buildings. Rats are well-known for wide spread diseases which they carry, some of which can be deadly to humans. The most common bacterial infection from rats is Leptospirosis, which is usually passed on to humans through drinking water or eating food which contains the urine of the creature carrying the bacteria. For more information on how the pest control experts can help your rat problem visit today!


Wasps are generally forgotten about in commercial environments such as restaurants and office buildings, as rats are the major commercial pest throughout the UK. Wasps usually build their nests from paper and are usually built in difficult to reach places, such as the side of roofs. However the professional team at Kill Line have special equipment which allows the pest control team to reach any pest. If you have problems with wasps, and require wasp control in Newcastle contact Kill Line today.


Similar to wasps, these pests aren’t usually associated with commercial environments. However bees are commonly found around schools in local areas, especially where gardens and fields are involved. As bees are seen as an endangered species, it’s always best to contact bee control experts, like Kill Line, as they protect both the environment and the pest they are handling during the removal of pests. If you want to find out more information on bee problems North East, contact Kill Line.

To find out more information how Kill Line can help your commercial pest control in North East today, visit The team only offer expert and honest advice and only follow the highest quality procedures when removing pests from your home or commercial area.

Ecommnet – Software & App Development in Newcastle

Ecommnet are one of the leading providers in Newcastle of IT and Mobility security solutions. They offer a range of bespoke services including software and app development, secure WordPress hosting and secure remote access. The expert team at Ecommnet have worked with a range of clients, some of which national, including the NHS, Leeds Building Society and STA Travel.

App development are one of the services offered by the expert team at Ecommnet. A business with a mobile app as well as carefully designed website, can reach thousands if not millions of more customers. A mobile app can also be a very useful sales tool; offering discounts, promoting products and offering an app booking system, can all be features added to the design of a mobile application. For more information regarding app development in the North East, contact the team at Ecommnet today.

The Newcastle web development team at Ecommnet create bespoke websites for each of their clients. Every site is built with responsive website design in mind; earlier this year in April, Google announced the ‘Quality Update’. The update meant Google would penalise sites which weren’t mobile-friendly, lowering the site ranking in Google search results. Ecommnet build their client websites on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), it’s simple to use if the client wishes to add more pages or content to their site. Ecommnet also offer secure hosting and maintenance for websites via a WP-Engine; the infrastructure ensures top security, scalability and speeds, so your website runs as smoothly for you as it does your customers.

Ecommnet offer a range of IT security solutions including mobile security, secure remote access, mobile device management & BYOD, and two factor authentication. The secure remote access service allows your employees to work from almost anywhere, at any time and from any device. Corporate data is highly valuable and needs to be protected from hackers, Ecommnet offer Safenet’s full suite of authentication solutions to keep your data protected.

If your business is interested in any of the services offered from Ecommnet visit today. The expert team offer honest, friendly and professional advice, and most importantly they listen to their customers needs to exceed their expectations.

The Benefits of Colocation

Earlier this month the team at Zebra Internet Services expressed their thoughts on why a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is beneficial for business owners. Our VPS’ live in data centres, which is how we ensure the integrity of your information. This week we are going to explore the benefits of collocating your mission critical data in data centres as opposed to in-house systems, as offered by our Zebra Internet Services team.

Maximise Business Potential: Not every business has the technical skills and infrastructure to operate servers from their office space, and having a techie with ample knowledge of such systems is essential. Ask yourself – if your server were to crash, or you had a power cut, would you be at risk of losing valuable data?

A business needs to carefully look at their infrastructure before committing to housing their own server. Collocating to a datacentre instead ensures your data has access to crucial power solutions, including diverse power feeds and distribution paths, constant monitoring of the system and various cooling systems to protect the servers from overheating.

Whilst the initial cost of colocation can seem unnecessary to businesses, adding that extra layer of security and safety actually makes it a much more cost effective option should anything go wrong.

Backing up data can also be easily overlooked if you manage your server in-house. At Zebra Internet Services, the data on your servers can be regularly saved, so if you lose any important data, our expert team are able to restore it from the point of the last back up.

Securely Located:
Data centres are considered highly secure and safe locations. This maximises security of your infrastructure; typically a data centre has 24/7 security, as well as the relevant specs to ensure the protection of your data at all times.

Data centres are fully prepared for incidents such as power cuts. They often have large banks of power and batteries which keep the electricity flowing whilst a power failure is fixed.

Need a home for your server? Contact our team today on 0191 2612252 for a rack quotation and further information on the Colocation support offered by Zebra Internet Services and

Ecommnet – Bespoke Website Design in the North East

Ecommnet are IT specialists based in the North East of England who offer a range of IT solutions. Some of the services include IT security, web design and mobile IT solutions. Ecommnet have worked with many local and national companies from a range of sectors including Healthcare, Education and public sector industries.

One of the areas which Ecommnet specialise in are software development in Newcastle and throughout the North East. They offer solutions to both business start-ups and businesses who are looking for a total rebrand or fresh look for their company website. The professional team build bespoke websites to meet and exceed their client requirements as well as supporting and guiding their clients every step of the way.

The web development team in Newcastle ensure that all of the websites they build contain a number of key features. All of the sites are built responsive and mobile friendly; during April in 2015 Google updated its algorithm meaning they based sites on quality. Google looks to whether sites are mobile responsive and can adapt to a range of device screens, including tablets and smartphones. If the site is responsive then Google will rank it higher in search results. The North East software development ensure all of their sites are mobile responsive.

When building a site the team at Ecommnet use WordPress as their chosen content management system (CMS). Although many people associate WordPress with blogs, the CMS is more popular than ever for building websites and is ever evolving. Once websites are built, Ecommnet offer advice and guides on how to navigate and use the WordPress solutions.

Ecommnet also offer a branding and identity services within their startup website design service. Logo design is a just a small area of building a brand, the experts look at the bigger picture such as the colour schemes and typefaces used throughout materials. This can all be pieced into a brand guideline for the business which will help companies take control and ownership of their brand.

For more information regarding bespoke software development from the Ecommnet, visit today. As well as web development they offer extensive IT security solutions and app development services.

Benefits Of Using Auction House North East For Selling Properties & Land

Property Auction Durham is part of Auction House based in the North East of England. They are a property and land auctioneer franchise which is run on a license basis by Auction House UK Limited.

The overall aim of Auction House is to provide a national network of independent auctioneers who want to sell property under an influential brand who follow high standards of selling. There are a number of reasons to why Auction House is fast becoming a recognised brand for buying and selling properties, here are just a few:

Market Leaders: Auction House is fast becoming market leaders across the UK, on average they are selling over 3,000 properties a year. Many of the regional auction houses are trusted and well-known; in the North East there are property auctions in Teesside, Durham and Northumberland.

Strong Regional & National Presence: there are over 40 regional offices spread across England, Scotland, Wales, including an auction room in Central London. Not only do Auction House sell properties to local and regional buyers, but they sell to national buyers too!

Various areas of selling: unlike the standard set up of an auction house, buyers can bid for properties online, with an eBay style internet bidding and the successful buyers having a 28 day exclusivity period. However, Auction House still offer the traditional auction method within their 40 regional auction rooms. There are numerous property auctions in South Shields throughout the year.

Trusted in local areas: Auction House teams are experienced in the areas they work in; they live locally and have many years’ experience and knowledge within the industry. The local auction teams also know trusted contacts so sellers can rest assured that their property is in safe hands. There are regular House Auctions in Newcastle, which attract many buyers.

For more information on the Auction House North East or to view the areas which Auction House operate in, visit today.

Do You Have Rat Or Mouse Problems In The North East? Contact Kill Line Today!

During the night, you may be awaken by a noise which you believe may be a rat, however how are you certain if you’re unable to catch the creature? For all you know it may a mouse in your home. In order to fully establish whether you have a rat or mouse problem in the North East, you need to bring in the pest control experts such as Kill Line.

Are there any prominent differences between mice and rats? Below we are going to highlight the main differences and explain how Kill Line, who are based in the North of England, can help with your pest problems.

The most common type of mice found in homes and commercial environments throughout the UK are the house and field mice. Nearly 95% of rodent sightings are in fact mice. In order to safely remove mouse problems in Middlesbrough, it’s highly important to bring in the experts so they can establish if it is actually a mouse problem as treatments between mice and rats differ. If you are lucky enough to spot the rodent in your home or office, look out for the length of its tail, a mouse’s tail is longer than its own body and is thin. Further to this if you’re shining a light, look out for its eyes as they are large and bulbous in comparison to a rats small eyes.

Rats are a common problem in the UK and can be found in many areas which offer food and shelter. The more common rats found in homes by the pest control specialists at Kill Line are brown and black rats. Rats are omnivorous, meaning they eat almost anything, whereas mice prefer to nibble on cereals. The tail of a rat is shorter than its body and is usually thick and heavy. If you suspect you have a problems with rats, contact Kill Line today.

One way to distinctively tell the difference between a mouse and a rat, if all you have seen is a quick glimpse of the rodent is the droppings around your home or office. Mice droppings are small in size and are usually in the shape of grains of rice, scattered around. On the other hand a rat’s droppings are larger, usually in the shape of raisons or baked beans and are normally found in groups. If you suspect you have pest problems, contact the expert team today at Kill Line.

Kill Line are pest control specialists who work throughout the North East helping to resolve pest problems in both domestic and commercial environments. The team are professionals who have many years’ experience of safely removing pests from your home or office. To find out how Kill Line can help you today, visit

Glamourous Party Brand Wyldr Available From Miss Madison Boutique

Now that the party season is upon us, we can start to plan our outfits for the numerous Christmas parties we will be attending. As well as family gatherings, we have work parties and Christmas gatherings with friends to attend. There’s a likelihood that many pictures will be taking at these events and uploaded to our social media profiles, so it’s highly important that you have a different outfit for each occasion.

A trend-setting brand, established at the beginning of 2013 is Wyldr. Wyldr offer cutting-edge pieces inspired by Michelle Goldie and her travels back and forth between the London and LA fashion cultures. As well as Wyldr, Michelle also is the director of Goldie London, a flirty rock-chic collection. The Wyldr clothing collection includes feminine cut dresses, tops and jumpsuits, made using quality materials. The glamourous party and evening collections are available from Miss Madison Boutique, an online ladies boutique in the UK.

The Take You Higher Silver and Black Shimmer Maxi Dress is perfect for a work Christmas ball. This glamourous occasion dress shimmers under the light, and when teamed with a pair of stilettos, will make you feel like you’re on the red carpet.

New to the range but already a customer favourite, the Start No Fight Black Jacket with Silver Metal Stud Trim is a perfect cover up during the cooler months. The stylish autumn jacket can be worn over a dress or paired with a pair of skinny jeans; Miss Madison boutique are brand partners with Waven denim, who offer a range of their luxury jeans on their site.

Miss Madison Boutique offer limited, one-off stock on all of the fashion items on their site. This is to ensure that you won’t cross paths with somebody at a party wearing the same outfit as you, and you will be the talk of the party with everyone asking where your outfit is from! To view the full Wyldr clothing range available from Miss Madison Boutique, visit today.

Box Express Offer Cardboard Box Packaging Accessories Too!

Box Express are a UK online cardboard box company who sell an extensive range of boxes including storage and removal boxes. The range of boxes are ideal solutions if you are moving home and want to keep all of your items together, or if you need extra storage within your home and want to keep your items organised. On the other hand, if you regularly post items, Box Express have a large collection of posting packaging materials including accessories such as tapes and labels.

Posting accessories are important if you want to secure and protect your items from damage, especially if you are going to be sending them half way across the world. As we are all aware, items can be damaged when being transported from location A to B, which in return can damage your reputation if you are a business.

Box Express offer numerous forms of bubble wrap, including anti-static and bubble wrap bags which are available in various sizes and lengths. The large bubble wrap is perfect for protecting heavy or delicate items; it protects against damage and provides extra cushioning. It is also lightweight so if you are using the bubble wrap for packing, it won’t dramatically increase your postage costs.

Although tapes and labels do not protect your items, they certainly allow you to distinguish which items are placed where during storage, and where items need to be posted to. Box Express offer a range of tapes including ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘GLASS – handle with care’, as well as double-sided and masking tape. The cardboard box experts, also offer ‘CAUTION’, printed addresses and box identification labels.

To view the full collection of posting accessories or storage boxes, visit today. If you are unsure which box or accessories are suitable for your requirements, you can contact the professional team by filling out the contact form on their site; they will be more than willing to guide you to the correct product.

The Storage Place – Benefits of Using Mintsoft Software for Order Fulfilment

The Storage Place have now completely moved their warehouse management software over to Mintsoft, a fully integrated warehouse management system.

Here’s a little background information on The Storage Place before we highlight how Mintsoft’s exceptional system has helped the business grow. Established in 1999, The Storage Place is an order fulfilment and warehousing company based in Gateshead in the North East of England. The warehouse covers an extensive 60,000 square-feet of land, making no job too big for the professional team. Order fulfilment services are the most demanded services from their clients; the team store, pick, pack and deliver products for their clients, many of which run ecommerce sites. They also offer other storage solutions for heavy industrial equipment, palletised goods storage and bonded warehousing.

Since moving over to Mintsoft, The Storage Place’s business operations have ran a lot more smoothly, in comparison to their old warehouse management system. Here are just a few reasons why.

It’s Cloud Based: the software is cloud based so there are no servers to maintain or any programmes to install. It can be accessed from a range of devices such as mobiles, tablets and desktops, 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s a fully supported, reliable and secure asset for any business that runs an order fulfilment service.

Multi-Channel Management: Mintsoft is integrated with all major marketplaces and shopping carts including Amazon, eBay and even your own ecommerce site. Once a customer order is received through the API integrated software, shipping labels are created, customer orders are tracked and the stock levels are updated automatically.

Stock Management: any changes in stock levels, the fully functional software will notify the business, whether it be products coming in or out. All item transactions come with a full audit trail which can be exported and managed in a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

Carrier Integrated: the software is fully integrated with all major UK carriers including Parcel Force, Royal Mail, DHL and Interlink, meaning items can be sent nationally or globally. Once an order arrives, The Storage Place will pick the items and pack them to whatever shape or size their client requires; they will then send it out for delivery and both the customer and the client will be sent tracking details.

SSL Certified: all of the client and customer data is SSL certified meaning sensitive data such as passwords, credit card details and contact details are stored safely and cannot be read over the website.

Suitable for Both B2B and B2C Organisations: whether the client runs a business to business or business to customer company, The Storage Place can offer their services along with the cloud based software to save the client time, money and storage space.

The North East fulfilment centre have worked with a range of clients including IKEA, Rolls-Royce, Nissan, Autotrader and businesses across diverse industries. A current client to the Storage Place is CosyHomeStore, an online retailer of home hardware including insulation, chimney balloons and window and external door seals. Bernard McNamee, managing director of CosyHomeStore, contacted The Storage Place as he was very interested with order fulfilment services for his vast product collection. Apart from the Amazon sales, which are controlled by Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), The Storage Place manage all of their order fulfilment.

For more information on how The Storage Place can help your business requirements today visit or call the professional yet friendly team on 0191 438 1616. As well as order fulfilment services, the highly qualified warehouse team can offer heavy industrial warehousing solutions, pallet storage and bonded warehousing.

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